How to see an action's project

In OF1 I was able to double-click an action, and see it in the context of its project. In OF2, it seems like I need to use a pop-up menu, and have no easy way to get back to the list of actions I started from. This is super-inconvenient. Am I missing something?

If you have the inspector displayed, you can click on the little grey circle with the arrow next to the project popup menu. That will take you to the projects perspective and show the action in the original project.

You can also select a task and type command-option-R. This is the keystroke as seen in the View menu > Show in Project.

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this is true, but the old ‘switch’ button in OF1 was super convenient, that and a browser back/forward button would be great.

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Dan Byler wrote a cool AppleScript called Focus in a New Window that opens the project(s) associated with the selected action(s) in a new window. Very convenient if you’re in a context-based perspective and want to view or change a project without losing your place. The download also includes some other great scripts from Dan Byler.

Tim Stringer
Founder, Learn OmniFocus

Thanks! I downloaded it and look forward to using it.

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I love Focus in a New Window, but I would love it even more if completed tasks were displayed in the new window. I guess I’ll ask for help in the OF AppleScript forum.