How to see deferred date tasks in Forecast

Dear All,

Using Omni3

Recently based on some reading/advice - i decided to make a change to my workflow. I started using Due dates only when i seriously needed to complete something. Everything else that needs to be repeated but has no actual deadlines - i started using defer dates. so far so good.

This greatly improved my forecast perspective. Though i do notice that the past section is not showing any deferred dates any more. Similarly the counter on the forecast dates which flag due dates, does not flag deferred dates… it will only show up under a date if there is a task that has that deferred date.

So my question is - may be i should not expect the Forecast to help me with deferred dates - it’s only for what is truly due - is that a fair assumption?

I am thinking of creating a separate perspective that would give me everything that’s got a deferred date. I am keen to learn how everyone uses deferred dates please?


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