How to see long duration task in Forecast

I have a project with a task that will take 1500 hours to complete. I have set its due date and effort. How do I get this task to show up EVERY DAY in my forecast view so that I am reminded of what I am working on concurrently? Right now it only shows as a future item on the due date if I click on Future.

Also, I cannot set any start dates - no such option available in Omnifocus 2 for me…

It sounds like OmniPlan might be better suited to this particular task, particularly if you’re thinking about it in terms of “effort”. Barring that, you might want to break up your task into smaller chunks—OmniFocus is designed to manage things that can be done as atomic pieces of work.

Start dates have been renamed to “defer until” dates, which is a more accurate term for what they are (they are dates before which you cannot act on a task, rather than dates on which you must begin a task).

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I do own OmniPlan and it works great for projects. I have used Merlin before that too. Thing is I need a blend of a project manager and a task manager. OmniPlan is great at telling me where I am at with a project, but it does not tell me what my workload is, since I work on up to 15 different projects concurrently. For that I find OmniFocus to be really great. However I cannot get a feel for how busy I am looking at OmniPlan. That is where OmniFocus comes to the rescue.

If I could somehow have all the tasks that are past their defer dates but not reached their due dates yet show up in forecast under the current day (as they are ongoing) (maybe an option in preferences), that would already be awesome.

Any chance this can be an option to be added as an enhancement?

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