How to Sequence Tasks on iOS?


I only have an iPhone and iPad, and run OmniFocus on these devices without a Mac.

I want to make an action sequence where upon completing one action, the next appears. I know this can be done under ‘projects’, but whenever I create these sequences in projects, the items never appear in my regular inbox.

How can I make sequenced tasks appear in my inbox?

Thank you

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I don’t think you can. The Inbox isn’t a project - it’s simply a collecting place for tasks and the tasks might be completely unrelated. Sequential and parallel are properties of a project - you have to make the project, set sequential and then put the tasks into it


Thank you.

On projects: if I make a parallel project, do you know how I make it so multiple action sequences are running in, well, parallel? If I make actions in a sequenced projects, they all seem to be dependent on the previous one being completed. However, if I make them in a parallel, I can’t make multiple streams of this. Would I need to make projects inside my main project for this to happen?

Do it by using nested projects.

Create a project for the whole activity (“Get enough money to buy a Ferrari”) - make it parallel

Then, inside that project, create action groups for activity, each which can be sequential:

“Rob a bank” - find bank, steal car, get ski hood, drive to bank, steal money, drive away
“Make money from fake news” - get domain, create website, find advertisers, post fake news, collect money, close website
“Sell lemonade at roadside” - Get mother to make lemonade, decide price, make sign, borrow Dad’s work table, set up by roadside, sell lemonade, pack up, go home

and so on

Does that help?

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A project can contain Actions (tasks) or Action Groups, which can be parallel or sequential, and hold other (sub-)actions/tasks.

Yes, you’re right - I’d forgotten the distinction (because I never use nested projects as a rule)

Thank you for the correction - I’ll edit the post

I wouldn’t recommend it without knowing the specific use case, but the inbox can contain parallel or sequential action groups as well; maybe that’s what @Napkin577 is looking for?