How to setup Notifications with OmniFocus and Fantastical working together?

Hi. I’ve been a OmniFocus user and just started to use Fantastical recently. My notifications on iOS are a complete mess. Wich ones do you turn on (this question includes Apple Reminders notifications because sometimes the reminders I set with Siri do not show on Fantastical unless I open it so the notification of Fantastical for this reminders does not show up). Sometimes all 3 notifications show up for the same event (OF, Fantastical and Apple Reminder). How can I make this Notifications list less cluttered without leaving my reminders without any due warnings? I use OF and Fantastical on the iPhone, iPad and iMac.

I use Fantastical as well. If I recall correctly the trick is to set up a calendar in iOS and tie Fantastical to that calendar, then turn on notifications for Fantastical and OFF for all others. They are all popping up because they are all enabled, you have to specifically silence them.