How to share a note or project with all attachments (excel, photos, pdf's)

Can someone please advise how I can create notes that have attached photos and pdf docs as well as excell etc and share the whole note and attachments to non-omnifocus users?
Can I create a printed doc with all attachements as a pdf and share with anyone on any type of PC or MAC etc?

Not to be an apologist for Omni, but I honestly keep this sort of thing in Evernote and link to it from my OF project. I have found that OF is not the best place to run this sort of thing, Evernote has this built in and ready to go, and as a supporting tool it seems to do a much better job. The links work really well with the desktop client from the notes section in your action or project.

Thanks for your suggestion…I also use Evernote and find it very useful but had hoped that OF would be able to at least share anything created as a pdf? That would seem simple enough??

Love OF though…very impressed…just needs to be able to print off action items with attachements.

Will take your advice for now and link back to Evernote.


I think it’s more of a focus of the product on personal productivity vs. team productivity.

Evernote has a clear focus on organizing data and sharing that data, OF seems more about managing your day to day tasks. I used to put everything in my DB in OF1, but found that it made search pretty much useless when I was looking for names or particularly common words. Now I just stick it in Evernote / Dropbox / Box / Google Drive if I need to share something out with others. It has the side effect of keeping my DB smaller and search more usable.

That said, I would love to see something where I could share tasks with groups, but if I go that route I’d have to ditch OF as I’m not having two task managers. I don’t see Omni building this kind of functionality any time in the near future.

Any good answer for this? I av also wondering.
Would be a dissapointment if i also need evernote bsides to make such a powerful and expensive app as OF to work, cant be right?

Im trying to send/share notes by sending them to My email but they are never reicieved.

If you have Onenote, you can right click a section or a page, copy the link, then paste the link in OF notes. That way when you click it, it’ll open the correct page or section on Onenote.

Hope you find this useful.

Any progress on this? How about OF3?