How to show action and project name, not action and tags?

When I look at the actions in my Errands context in OF2 for iOS, they are displayed with the parent project’s name in grey text below each action.

When I look at the actions in my Errands tag in OF3 for iOS, they are displayed with the tag’s name below each action. There is an option to ‘Show Project Paths’, which shows the full path of the project above each action’s name, but all I want to see is the project name, not the full path

How do I see just the action and the name of the parent project, as in OF2? Apologies if I’m missing something really obvious.

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Anyone? Bueller?

I guess the absence of a reply means that I’ve uncovered a “feature, not a bug”. The feature being that viewing a context, sorry, tag and wanting to see the project for each action means seeing the top level folder names (of which I have only three) repeated above each action, and the name of the tag I’m viewing repeated below each action. Yay.

For anyone suffering as I am, I guess we could use initials, symbols or emoji for the project folder ‘names’ to minimise the visual clutter when obliged to view the full path. So instead of “Salaried time: Annual review: review meeting scheduled” I would see “$: APR: review meeting scheduled”, which allows the project name more prominence.

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