How to show duration of action?

I know you can see the duration of a task in the Inspector. How can you show it in the action itself?

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Here’s something from the release notes dated April 9th.

Dates — In the main outline, if the date is Today, show the time instead. Exception: in Forecast, show the time for dates which are that day.

I’m guessing the idea is that you will only be worried about the time if the task’s defer date or due date is today. I think that makes sense. Only show the time if defer or due is today. Otherwise, we’re gonna see 12:00 AM (the default due date). I remembered seeing some previous posts in the OmniFocus 1 forum that seeing the 12 am due would drive some people nuts and wished they could just hide the 12:00 AM time stamp.

I can see the logic in having OF2 only show the time on the day of the task. I have a task called “submit my 1040 taxes” with a due date set to April 15th, 4:55 pm. Today (April 11th), I will only see the due field as April 15th. But if today is April 15th, the due field will show 4:55 pm.

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I’m sorry, but we don’t currently offer a way to show the duration in the main outline in OmniFocus 2 for Mac.

If this is important to your workflow, please send an email to Your emails really help us to track requests and prioritize features.

Thanks for caring about OmniFocus!

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