How to speed up omnifocus

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I use Omnifocus to store all info so I have lots of clippings/emails some with images, etc. Also, lots of items I save as reference that I never actually complete. With that being said my database is only 30mb so doesn’t sound too big. But browsing through Omni is quite slow at times and I often get the beach ball. What are some things I can do to speed it up? Thanks!

Sounds like you are keeping an eye on things already, but here are some tips on the database. I had an iPad my wife mainly used that would slow me down because the syncs were so infrequent. Removing the sync account from that device was my biggest gain.

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I will look into this thanks!

So how would I remove the sync account from other my other devices? I have Omni setup on a couple other Macs that I don’t really use anymore. Do I need to login to each of those to disable?

In sync preferences, the sync details button will show you a list of all registered devices. Here’s an article showing it at The Sweet Setup.

This would probably take longer for the OmniFocus database engine to try to process through.

I’ve never really tried to attach too many things to the OmniFocus database. I tend to dump files into a Dropbox folder that is accessible on my iPad, iPhone, and different Macs. Then I’ll use Pocket, Instapaper, or the built-in Reading List inside Safari to store up articles to read there.

Thanks for the input. Question though, I’m not really attaching things it’s when I clip emails or save Safari links via Quick Entry for example. Do I have any control on how attachments are added with this?

Great thanks I had only my current Mac listed so I guess I’m ok here :-)