How to store "expansion state" in a perspective?

It seems that OF2 is unconditionally restoring expansion state in perspectives and I’m wondering how to change what’s been stored - since the Take Snapshot option is missing or has been removed.

If you still have OF1 it’s possible to change things by setting things up there, taking a snapshot and syncing.

One quirk here (which confused me for a while) is that the OF1 Restore: Expansion perspective option is ignored by OF2 which currently always restores expansion.

I haven’t reported this as a bug yet as I’m not quite sure what the intent is at the moment.


I’m pretty sure this is a bug. Please report it.

Ok - will do. Thanks.

I can’t even find where this option is in OF2. In OF1 we could restore Expansion, Layout, Selection, etc… but those don’t seem to be Perspective properties anymore? How DO you then create a perspective where the side bar is hidden? (for example)


Same here, looks like it dropped off, because there is no such function in help. I think all of PRO users need this function, i can show few examples:

  1. Perspective for today:
    We would like to set perspective with grouping by start date, and wan’t to collapse all dates except today, so we need to “Restore:expansion”, OF2 - fail with this.

  2. Perspective for clear view:
    a. We would like to hide toolbar, side bar, inspector, and left only 1 simple window, so we need to use "Restore:Layout:, OF2 - fail with this.
    b. We would like to keep different layouts for different perspectives, for example Today and Routine Tasks. If we hide all of the stuff from the screen for today perspective and want unhide this for Routine Tasks we click on perspective icon and got same layout for both… OF2 - fail with this.

Perspectives must be handily for starters, but guys in PRO version - we need this thing, i would like to pay again for Ultra PRO version with this functions :D