How to sync OmniFocus 2 with OS X Reminders?

I’m not good at English. I’m trying to explain my situation clearly. I hope someone could help me.
I use Omnifocus 1 and 2 to organize my GTD life. Because of my career, I always need to manage projects which would last 3~5 years. I have to record everything during the projects, in case I forgot something I have done or haven’t done a few years ago.
I use Curio to manage my project and using Notebook 4 to record my work diary. I’m looking for a way to connect Omnifocus with Curio and Notebook 4. It would make my workflow more frequent. Reminders of OS X seems to be a good idea. Cruio and Notebook 4 can create to-dos syncing with OS X Reminders.
I know Omnifocus 2 for iOS can capture item from Reminders, but it will delete the item when it has captured. Once I change the item’s state from undo to finished in OmniFocus 2, the change will not show in Curio and Notebook.
I’m wondering if there is a way could solve my problem?

OmniFocus doesn’t sync with Reminders. It can import from Reminders. There’s no way I’m aware of to do what you’re looking to do.

Your problem is not solvable in OmniFocus, just as @CatOne described it… Hate to make this into a commercial for another task manager, try 2Do which can do just what You need.

Cheers, mat

Thank you.