How to sync omnifocus perspective with busycal/fantastical to-do list?

i have a “today” perspective in OF. those items which have been given a due time/date show up in the calendar as scheduled items, since OF is synced as a calendar within busycal. however, i also want to see today’s time-flexible actions as to-do’s in the to-do list in my busycal window. this means all my appointments/scheduled project work/to-do’s for today show up in one place.

if i check off actions either in OF or in busycal, i want that change to be synced and reflected in the other app.

is this currently possible?

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I don’t believe what you’re looking for here is possible. The calendar that OmniFocus can publish A) only publishes items that have a due date/time, and B) those calendar events are essentially read-only in a calendar. Sorry to disappoint!

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Yes this is a big disappointment. OF should offer many more calendar integration options. (I would like events to show up in my calendar based on their start/defer date.) Raising these requests/issues often generates a response like “That’s not what OF is for” or something like that. But lots of people would LIKE OmniFocus to do this, and it’s not that hard to program…Oh well…