How to Unflag and Unreview

  1. I have some things flagged that I want to unflag. It seems like they are unflagged, but they still appear in the “flagged” perspective. What do I do?

  2. I tried to do a weekly review today. It says “all projects reviewed.” Not sure why. I haven’t done a review yet (just bought OF 2 after leaving 1 for awhile). Maybe I hit a button and accidentally said they were reviewed? I don’t know. But is there a way to re-review when you just did it? Or when you accidentally said you had reviewed? Ideas?


If your project is flagged, all of the tasks inside that project will be flagged. You will have to unflag the project to unflag the tasks. A flagged project will have tasks that have a hollow flag icon.

You can use the righthand inspector panel to change the review date to today. You can also shift-click or command-click a bunch of projects and drag it to the Review tab to set the review date to today.

I think the default is set to review all projects every week.You can also change the review interval. Some projects don’t need a lot of hand holding and can be reviewed infrequently (once a month, once every quarter, etc.). You can set some projects to be a shorter frequency (every day, every 3 days, etc.).

I’ve found that some projects that become more urgent (for example: the project is due in the next 30 days), I tend to set the review cycle to a shorter interval (daily, every 3 days, etc.).


Thanks so much for your help!

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