How to upgrade from OF2 Pro to OF3 Pro

I can’t seem to find instructions for how to upgrade from OF2 Pro to OF3 Pro, conserving my data. I’m guessing this involves a migration, so it would be reassuring to have a path to restore OF2 from backup in the worst case scenario.

Am I missing something obvious? Am I supposed to just purchase the upgrade and follow the prompts? Ideally, I would like to have:-

  • Instructions for how to perform the upgrade with migration

  • Post migration tasks / conversion tasks

  • How to restore OF2 Pro from backup only in worst case scenario

Hey Jana

That’s a great question and I feel you, it really isn’t all that well-documented. Which is why this question has been asked before – maybe this thread will clear up some of the confusion around the upgrade process. If anything remains unclear, feel free to ask away!


Firstly, thanks for the sympathy! Moving forward with a major upgrade without instructions and relying on blind trust … makes me feel insecure!

You said “it really isn’t all that well-documented.” I couldn’t find ANY documentation, let alone good documentation. However, the link you sent was helpful and I now have more confidence to proceed.


Confirming, Jana, that it really does work superbly well :-)

Good luck!

Reassuring, thank you!

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