How to use Focus Mode and Tags?

I’m fairly new to Omnifocus and it has been awhile since I used it in this way, so forgive me if I’m making a mistake here.

I could swear I used to be able to use focus mode in the tag persopective to see all items from a project. However, now if I use focus mode in the tag view, I can no longer see all the available actions associated with the focused project. As far as I can tell I have my view settings set correctly (the problem occurs with the viewer set to all, or remaining). Have I missed something or is this a bug?


You will not see all items from a project, you will only see those matching the settings in the perspective you use. That’s the elegance of the Focus feature, that you in every perspective can filter out everything that don’t have to do with the project, and that that filtering is kept when you switch to other perspectives.

To see all the tasks in a project, you could click on the circular ”Go to this project”-button in the inspector.

Ah sorry, I’m not sure I explained myself well. I seem to have found the fix. The issue I was encountering was that when I switched to the tags perspective it would focus only on the tag I was previously working with. If I click the tag icon on the left hand side it goes back to the overview mode and I can view all the tags at once, but I was expecting that the perspective hotkey (command + 3) would do that automatically.


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