How/when Projects appear in custom Perspectives

I have a custom “Critical” perspective that does not use project hierarchy and filters status to “Due or Flagged”. Any newly created projects that are flagged or meet “due soon” criteria appear in the perspective even though no tasks have been created yet (which is good - I want to see them). If I create a task in a new project, however, and then mark the task completed before adding a second task I get unexpected behavior. If the project is due but not flagged it no longer shows up at all in my Critical perspective. If it’s flagged it will still show up, but now in bold font (which is fine but not sure why).
The issue for me is that a due project with some completed items but no remaining items doesn’t show up in the Critical perspective. I can work around by regularly reviewing a Stalled Projects/Completed Items only perspective and then deleting any completed items or adding a “Determine next task” task for any Projects that are disappearing, but that’s obviously not ideal, and I can’t trust my Critical perspective without checking for missing projects. Am I missing something basic here?

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I just stumbled on a part of this, I think. When a project is first created, it appears with an availability of “available” (or “next available”). But once it has had tasks created under it, it no longer is available, even if there are no active tasks. Interesting, and not exactly clear why this is so.