How would you cooperate with the others?

For example, imagine this scenario: you created an outline with OmniOutliner. You then want your partner to proofread it for you. Sadly your partner doesn’t have access to OmniOutliner. Therefore, you exported the outline to a text file and sent it to your partner. Now, though you have a proofread version of text file, you have no idea how to put it back into your OmniOutliner outline.

What would you do next?

why not export to OPML and make him edit the OPML file ? It is editable in any text editor. Then re-import it into OO

If you need to both simultaneously/independantly work on the file , you will need to merge changes through an app with ‘diff’ capabilities… something like a Version Control System like “git”.

or something like that :

there is probably many apps capable of merging OPML files, just goog for “xml merge diff” etc…

Hi junk. Wouldn’t you lose all the formatting in exporting in .OPML format?

yes, but the OP is more concerned with content I think. To keep formatting, one could open the .oo3 file. Inside there is a file name contents.xml. Rename it to then unzip it. Edit the unzipped file then rezip it then rename it to contents.xml.