Hyperlinks don't work?

When I add an hyperlink/URL to the inbox as a task, the hyperlink is not clickable?

I see blue-underlined text. But as soon as I click it, it becomes editable plain text? Is it supposed to do that? I want to be able to click the link and have it open safari…

For example when I sent a weblink per email to the omnifocus inbox. The website urn is not clickable?

I’ve noticed this, too. Rather than tap the hyperlink (which OF interprets as a desire to edit the text), tap and briefly hold the hyperlink (like you might in iOS Safari to open a link in a new tab). If I remember, the whole hyperlink develops a little box before shooting you to Safari.

Ah…silly me!
But I would have implemented backwards: tap for open in safari, tap and hold for editing.

I agree. I think the reverse behaviour is more expected

Thanks. This has been driving me nuts! How counterintuitive for an app that is otherwise so easy to use.