I have a big problem

First,i am sorry,i from china,so my english is too bad.then,my problem is that i have folder which is called"study".and under this folder i have several single actions.like “maybe”“reading list”.but nowadays i have found that everytime when i sync with the serve,i can only see “list”.other “single actions” just disappeared.no matter what you do,you change the name of the single actions,you delete the folder"study",and rebuild all the folder and single actions,it just the same.everytime the winner is"maybe",and other single actions will disappeared.i am very confused.dose anyone has the same problem?

No apologies necessary about your English. 我的中文比你的英文大概差得多。Right now I think OmniFocus terminology is the problem. In OmniFocus there are folders, projects/lists, and tasks/single actions. Single actions must belong to projects, which can belong to folders. If you can post a screen shot, it would show the exact structure you’re having problems with.

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a,i must correct something,what i mean“single actions”is actually “projects”。

now,from the picture,you can see the folder “study”.and as i said,no matter what you did with the“list”,you change a different name,you delete and rebuild it.it will disappeared in someday(4or5 days).and projects"maybe" will stay here

你用中文说下吧, 说实话没怎么看懂你之前写的帖子?





Maybe the problem has to do with the interaction between the project availability and the availability settings for the perspective you are looking at.

If for example the project is on hold or deferred to the future, and the View setting is set to “remaining,” then it will show, but if the View setting is set to “available,” it will disappear. If somehow that setting gets changed, that could explain how the “List” project appears and disappears. Especially because if you rebuild the database, it’s possible that the perspective’s settings get reset. (Hope that makes some sense to you.)

Or in my very rusty Chinese,


比如说 List project推到今后,当先做不了,但是view仅限出当先可做的项目, List 则显不出来。

but,the problem is not the project.the whole folder was disappeared.you can’t find it anymore