I have Bezier Object i need to modify it

I have Bezier Object from here as an svg.

How can i split it into pieces. I would like color parts of it different and remove parts. Strech and rotate but only parts of it.

There are a few ways to approach this, but I’ll start with how I personally prefer to split things up below, since it gives you precise control using the shape tool or the pen tool as needed. Since SVG import is Pro only, I am going to assume you have Pro. If you are using OmniGraffle Standard, check https://guidebook.private.omnigroup.com/site_license_omni_group to see which methods you can use.

  1. Make a copy of the bezier shape.
  2. Draw a shape on top (like a box), then select both and Subtract Shape.
  3. Repeat for the other parts so you have separate objects.


  1. Use the point editing tool to add/remove or manipulate points. There is another post that has some tips on this at https://discourse-test.omnigroup.com/t/adding-bezier-points-to-lines-or-shapes/24065.
  2. Search for “Altering Shapes with the Point Editor Tool” in the OmniGraffle Help (under the Help menu).

Hope that gives you some tips to get started! Keep in mind you want to check the Layer sidebar with the SVG selected and make sure you ungroup if there are groups in there. It depends on the SVG is defined how it will import and if there are any grouped objects.

yes, pro, yes i know points moving by hand. But! Its takes to long! I cant multiselect point, i know hold cmd,…very annyoing. Any better way?

Please be sure you have updated to the 7.7.1 release. We fixed a bug where nudging multiple points didn’t work in version 7.7. Check your version under OmniGraffle menu, About OmniGraffle. If it is not 7.7.1 please get a free update so this annoying bug will no longer slow you down. Sorry about the trouble if that bug is getting in your way.