I need a way to curve some text on the inside edge of a wedge

I’ve put some wedges together to create a full circle and masked it off with a white circle to make a segmented ring. I need to fill each of the wedges with text that fits inside the curve so that the text is outside the mask and follows the shape of the ring.

I tried creating a curved line and fitting the text to the line but my hand isn’t steady enough to make the curve smooth enough so the text looks right compared to the circle.

I’d be grateful for any tips.

I think you can simply use the adjustable arc shape instead of the wedges+circle.

Attaching the text to a separate, manually drawn curved line seems to be the only solution. I wish there was a way to convert shapes to lines (and viceversa).

In OG 4 or 5, use a BezierLine (Inspector/Style/Stroke/Line type). Place EditPoints in the line, where you want them. Then engage the BezierHandles on each EditPoint. You can get the curves on any line perfectly smooth.