I need metrics in OF

This is not the first time I comment in my need to be able to get sone metrics or meaningful reports from my activity in OF to hep learning and fine-tuning my habits and procedures.

There’s so much data we painfully put into OF, plan, replan and check off that could be useful for us to learn how we’re doing etc. Metrics line what % of times I do the tasks which have a due date in-time, or which projects and procedures got most of my activity this month, how many times I did the Review process, which are the tasks that are longer in my system as a way to maybe delete them or have a ‘procrastination’ list. How much time I spend in Admin vs Projects etc.

I did put a request on adding a date range in the past to perspectives as a means to generate reports by creating this kind of perspectives.

Do any of you guys have a process to generate this kind of metric or report to be able to assess and learn in your productivity processes?

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With some work, you can produce your own metrics on iOS with OmniJS and a couple other third party apps. Here’s something from @heyscottyj

You’d have to figure out the logic formulas is and figuring it out how to present it as meaningful data to you.

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Thank you @wilsonng. In spite of me being an engineer and a, somewhat, advanced user, I am afraid I do not have the programming skills to produce such reports.

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