I now have Version 1 and Version 2 On My Ipad..?

I dowloaded the new OmniFocus 2 for Ipad. But Version 1 is also present bot as an Icon and as a database. Do you recommend deleting it?

As posted on the Omni blog announcement, OF2 for iPad will recognize the existing OF1 and allow you to make the in-app purchase to Pro for free.

“For those of you who purchased the first version of OmniFocus for iPad, we have a very special deal: we appreciate the support you’ve given us through the years, and we’re showing our appreciation in a very concrete way by giving you the $19.99 Pro upgrade for free. Thank you for your support through the years!”

Go to settings in OF2 and look for the Pro upgrade panel (don’t have it in front of me right now). Once you get that set up and verify syncing of the database, you can remove OF1 from your device without issue.

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