I use OO4 for to-do (and to-don't!) lists... I'd like to rows always enumerated...how?

I use OO4 for to-do (and to-don’t!) lists… I’d like to rows always enumerated…how?

Do you mean you would like your rows to have numbers?

You can select the Whole Document style in the sidebar and change its number style. This will affect all the rows in your document (unless those rows have styles applied to them which specify a different numbering style):

If you’d like your documents to be styled like this by default, you can set up your styles like this and save your document as a template (File : Save As Template). This will make the template available in the Resource Browser (which can be also be reached from the File menu), where you can even make it the default for new documents:

I selected all rows (expanded) and set the Formatting to none.
I selected whole doc and choose 1,2,3,4 … I get a random numbering on the rows.

… I want them 1 and on no matter the order … to emumerate the list just as numbered bullets should.

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It looks like you’ve used Organize : Keep Sorted to sort your document.

Row numbering always reflects the rows’ “native” (unsorted) order. That way if you have a document like this:

The numbers stay with the correct rows when you change your sort:

If you want to renumber the rows, you can use Organize : Sort Outline, which actually moves rows around in your document rather than just displaying them in a different order.

In the example above ‘row numbering’ isn’t numbering rows … it’s adding identifiers to the content.

Numbering the rows would seem to be exactly that… counting the rows, just as one would expect in MSWord or any other word processing program - you want a count, and dynamically, not to add identifiers.

OmniOutliner 3 did not have transient sorting—once you sorted by a column, the rows stayed fixed in that order. Therefore, there was no semantic difference between “numbering the rows” and “identifying the rows.”

For many of our users, row numbers really are identifiers for the rows, and they use the new Keep Sorted feature to temporarily reorder their document to focus on different information.

If you would like to request a separate numbering feature that was completely view-based, I recommend writing in to omnioutliner@omnigroup.com.

Please don’t ask people to email a request when you, a staffer, is already discussing it.
It’s not classy.

Randzman, it’s important to understand that many of the Omni people that are participating here are doing so on top of their official duties in other departments.

For example, Kyle is in engineering; his participation provides answers and a perspective that people in other departments simply won’t be able to supply. If participating in the forums involves more work, the consequence is going to be fewer people from Omni participating. That seems like a bad trade.

We also have much better tools for reliably tracking and recording customer requests that we get via email. Forums are great for discussions, but they aren’t good bug tracking and reporting tools. Things get overlooked. Rather than create expectations that we know we won’t always be be unable to satisfy, we try to be clear.

So when we ask you to submit requests a certain way, it’s not an attempt to foist work that we don’t want to do off on you - it’s a request to please help you and everyone else as efficiently as possible. I hope that makes things more understandable!


FWIW, Omni staffers have always made it clear that if we have feature requests we should email them, not merely post them on the Forum. It’s the best way to accurately keep track.


I’m sorry but this is not a good response.

An example of a better response is “Thanks for bringing that forward. I’ll take care of it. Should you come up with any other feature requests here’s the best way to submit them.”