Icons and initial observations

Does anyone else have issue with the use of thin stroke icons working their way from ios7?

I find this a little unnatural in an OSX setting. I don’t feel my hierarchy has any substance. I find that I really need to be engaged with the way I structure my lists and information and would like a little more feedback possibly involving a roll-over state.

Data density has been discussed elsewhere but I feel quite resistant to the lack of columns and the amount of white space. The great thing about OF1 was the ability to style and I found with my own experience that how I chose to style my lists had a massive impact on my engagement. Loosing that would be a shame.

After all that however… I am excited about how this is going to turn out. I use OF, OO and OP everyday. I love the new OO4. For some reason OF2 on iOS has me less engaged than the previous and I’m feeling the same about the Mac version