[Idea] Game Changing and Simple Idea for Linking Projects/Tasks

A friend, also OF2 user, told me to post it, as you never know…

Both of us think it’d be a game changing feature. Not only for daily users of OF, but all the Kanban, Agile, “tag-lovers” etc. peeps would also benefit from it.

Imagine a lot of tasks, a couple of projects to manage all together at the same time. Some of us don’t need/want to implement OmniPlan. Especially if we don’t deal with many resources and the projects are relatively short.

How do I see it?

You assign dependent tasks or projects to a specific task/project by:

  • by finding/searching a task(s) in the Linked box, which the item is dependent on;
  • or by dragging a task with ⌃⌥ pressed and dropping on the master task;
  • or by copying a dependent task with ⌃⌥C and pasting it with ⌃⌥V on an item which the task depends on;
  • or by some other method.

Green color means that the item is dependent on another item(s). The number indicates on how many.
Blue color tells that this item is dependent for another item. The number shows for how many.
The task names in the Linked box are actual links.

Looking at the mockup below, if you mark the task “Print ad for Crammy” as completed, all the other 5 tasks will also be completed.

Imagine how much easier would be to manage projects.
Imagine how much more awesome would be to work with perspectives.

Many tasks cannot belong to the same project, or cannot have assign the same context. There are many workarounds, but it’s not ideal. It’s what we are forced to do, because of lacking features of the software. I just hate jumping from project to project, from perspective to perspective and sometimes working with 2-3 OF windows, just to plan something.

OmniFocus 2 was a great update (I don’t consider it as an upgrade), but besides Forecast view, not much of a difference for a daily user of OF.

If you like the idea, email to omni (omnifocus@omnigroup.com), and post here your mockup of an idea for that problem, and start the discussion.

<img src="/uploads/default/2372/d25a752e77add935.jpg" width=“800”