If I place something in my Inbox why is it also in Projects

If I place, let’s say, “Dinner with my wife” in my inbox it also appears in Projects, Tags, my “Personal Development” my “Workout” perspectives. Why is it in every perspective and not just in my “Inbox”??
Still very new to this program, if this is something I should already know, my apologies.

In Projects, perhaps you have it set to show your Inbox? (OmniFocus menu > Preferences > Organization).

In Tags, it will show a cross-section of your data without regard to what project the task is in. So if you tag certain tasks with ‘wife’ you can click into Tags and see all your tasks with the wife tag even if they are each in a different project.

In your two custom perspectives, I’d guess there’s a problem with the logic that’s making it fail to exclude the dinner task. It’s hard to say without more detail or a screenshot.

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Thank you Matt, I believe the problem was in the Preference Organization. I appreciate everyone who has extended a helping hand on this forum.

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