If I use sync storage, can I use OmniFocus with no internet?

I’ve been using OmniFocus on my Mac for years, and now I’m thinking of getting the iOS version so I can use it on my phone while out and and about. Of course I want to share the same database on macOS and iOS, and from what I understand this means that the database will be on Omni’s “sync” server, instead of on my Mac’s SSD as it is now.

Does this mean I won’t be able to use OmniFocus without an internet connection? Or, is it it kind of like iCloud Drive, where you have a local copy that allows you to still view and edit your database when you have no internet? (Of course changes would not sync to other devices until you reacquire an internet connection.)



OF will still work perfectly without an internet connection… all data is (also) stored locally.

You won’t be able to make changes on one device and see them reflected on the other, though.

Until you reconnect!

Then - in my experience of many years - your synch will take place seamlessly and without error.

Good luck!


Sounds good. Thanks!

There is one important limitation if one device is offline for 21 consecutive days: Then you won’t be able to sync your databases, but you will have to decide for one or the other.

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