I'm finding OmniFocus 2 hard to use. Am I alone?

I keep my projects, (and I have hundreds, some of which I know I’ll never get to) in nested folders. I used to be able to drag things directly from my inbox to the appropriate folder. Now, I have to go through several steps to get it into the correct folder.

When I look at forecast and see an overdue action item, there’s a place for a date. but no pop up calendar. Are you kidding me? Am I supposed to remember each calendar month, what dates are on what days, etc.? How was this overlooked.

I hate the “flat” look, the “Google” look. I know everyone, (sadly Apple too) is trying to copy that almost monochromatic look and feel but, folks, it’s just ugly, not pretty like all things Apple, (and Omni) used look like.

I’m just getting started but this post will do for the beginning.

If this doesn’t get better soon, I’ll be forced to change.

So incredibly disappointing.

Will Wyatt

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You may want to spend a wee bit of time learning how version 2 works.

No need to drag things from inbox to folder: go to projects perspective, choose your project, create new item. One step, and perhaps the best, for someone who has hundreds of folders.

Yes, there are pop-up calendars. Sitting right there in the inspection bar.

I know you’re just getting started, and I assume you’re wearing official “cranky pants”. But v2 works much more nicely than v1 for most folks. You may be the exception, but it really is worth looking into how V2 works now.

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Yes - I’m seeing quite a few complaints that “there’s no calendar” - worth reminding people of this

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I find OF2 quite easy to use, actually. Nothing insurmountable in there & there’s some good stuff.
One wonders how many people griping are working on the trial & get upset as soon as something doesn’t work exactly as before.

OF1 was good, OF2 is cleaner, with a few small changes that aren’t always my favorite,
but its fairly well in line with the early OmniOutliner 4. a uniform approach.

“Cranky Pants.” That made me chuckle.
I like that line, will have to steal it!

People who are unhappy with OF2 for some odd perceived reason, don’t have a better alternative before them.
I don’t understand what someone thinks they would change TO. Because it means changing to something ELSE they don’t understand: “something else” is an unknown quantity & STILL change.

They have the option to use OF1 if it suited their needs to this point & the only gripe is no pop up calendar where it used to be.

Holding themselves hostage?
Reminds me of Blazing Saddles. :)

To the original poster:
You can pick multiples in the INBOX & assign them from the drop box list in the inspector.
Which IS cleaner than drag & drop if there are many to redistribute.

Maybe they will address this in an update if you feel you must drag & drop. You are only 1 step removed from previous process to drag & drop. Drag from INBOX to the PROJECTS icon, then distribute the same was as you did before, from within PROJECTS. The nested folders there are spring-loaded.

When you could go from INBOX directly:
It kept the SOURCE list a little cleaner certainly, but you can always create a HOLDING TANK folder inside the projects list & distribute INBOX items to appropriate folders from there.

I don’t see that as much more complex than before, still only 1 extra step.
Hundreds of project folders could never have been terrifically easy to drag & drop in OF1 either, but would be nice to do it as before. However, you can cut & paste them as needed, too. Try the inspector, betcha you’ll like it eventually.

(edited for clarity)

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No need to drag things from inbox to folder: go to projects perspective, choose your project, create new item. One step, and perhaps the best, for someone who has hundreds of folders.

Why would you want to retype a project name by switching to the Projects view and creating a new project instead of simply using the existing Inbox item to create a project inside an existing folder by dragging it from the Inbox to the folder, directly from within the Inbox (no need to leave the Inbox). The latter makes far more sense and saves a lot of time.


so we take all the items from the inbox and place them in a new inbox, inside the projects folder? it’s a workaround certainly, but why should it be necessary? hardly in the spirit of getting things done, is it. and it’s much much easier to assign inbox items to existing projects if you can see a list of them right there in front of you. opening the pop-up list can be much more confusing. the other way to do it is open a seperate window for the inbox, and drag and drop from there.

i’m hoping this will become available again in a future update - there’ve been many requests.

I don’t recommend dragging from the Inbox. I never did this with OF1, and I haven’t even tried with OF2 because the keyboard is more efficient. You will work a lot faster by clicking the appropriate field (Projects/Context/Defer/Due) and typing where you want it go go. What you want will populate after 1-2 characters are entered.

You can also use the arrow keys to move up/down/left/right from field to field along with tab. Your hands never have to leave the keyboard.

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