Import a oo for mac to iOS

Hello, I’d like to know if it possible to import a big oo for mac I have created with the OS X trial version to iOS I just bought. I saved the file to my dropbox account using the OS X version.

thank you

You can’t sync it with Dropbox

You have 2 options, currently:

  1. You can use OmniPresence to sync it (available at Omni’s web site)
  2. You can copy it over via iTunes

Omni has announced they will have iCloud Drive support coming in the future but it’s not available yet.

thanks for the tip CatOne. Did copy the file via itunes so I’ll keep my file locally in my iphone for now . Will wait on futur updates from Omnigroup for way to sync on dropbox.

thanks again

We’ve begun testing external document provider support; more information is here:

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