Import from OmniOutliner


This isn’t working for me, I have tried setting up even the most simple of outlines and on import I see the Column Mapper dialogue appear but there is nothing I can do within it. The first entry is set to Title and the remaining entries are set to Metadata. I can’t change the target or decide whether I want to import a column?

The simplest import would be Project, Title and Notes but this creates an issue in the import dialogue where you now have two Title entries, clicking OK generates an error:

Attribute ‘estimatedMinutes’ of ‘<OFMTask:0x6100004b3ce0 - e8egezi6XLZ ‘Zynk integration’>’ has value of class ‘__NSCFString’ instead of ‘NSNumber’.

After that you can no longer save your OmniFocus database, I have had to discard all my changes and restart the app.

Is this just me or are others seeing this?

Thanks, Alan