Import markdown to OF

I am using Obsidian to do a lot of cataloging of research material. I started to use it to do some rudimentary task management, but I think OF is much better suited to this. Is there a way to import .md files to OF? They include a lot of email links that would be useful to carry over rather than to have to redo them.


Not directly. I didn’t think it through but you probably could get what you want with some AppleScript by

The step of creating RTF files is not necessary, I think, but you probably first want to check whether the conversion’s result is what you’re looking for. If it’s ok then it should be possible to convert and add to OmniFocus without creating files.

Here’s a demo script. Use it to test whether pandoc's conversion would suit your needs (links are converted, but I’m not sure if everything else gets converted). Set the paths and try it in Script

set theOutputFolderPath to (POSIX path of (path to desktop)) as string

set theInputPath to "/Users/USER/"
set theOutputPath to theOutputFolderPath & "Test.rtf"

set theShellScript to "/usr/local/bin/pandoc -s " & quoted form of theInputPath & " -o " & quoted form of theOutputPath

do shell script theShellScript

On Mac, if you cut and paste a mark-down preview it actually maintains the formatting into the notes field in OF

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