Import MS Project with linked subprojects

I’ve taken on a large project in which the MS Project plan is structured as an overall (container) project with subprojects as linked MS Project files.

When I open it in Omniplan, only the container project appears. I tried making a copy with the subprojects embedded (i.e. not linked) with the same result. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can bring the whole thing into Omniplan as one file.

My goals is not to manage through Omniplan (the individual PMs are managing their own subprojects and they’re all Windows) but to use OP to create a view for project sponsors.

I know I could open each subproject in OP and use the Dashboard to see multiple subprojects, but I’d prefer a single file option.

Thanks in advance

@Nick Hmm, I think OmniPlan should have imported the copy of the MPP file that contains the embedded tasks. If you haven’t sorted this out yet, could you send our Support team an email? It’d be helpful to know what type of file this MPP file is, and what version of MPP it was created in.

Our Support team can be reached at Thanks!