Import on local (not synced) of 1.x to of2

How can I get old of items to new of… I have huge number of past and future tasks in the of 1 Database that is not synced anywhere - cannot sync them to cloud because of security reasons.

This might be overkill, but one solution is to set up your own WebDAV server and sync to it with OmniFocus 1, then again with OmniFocus 2.

I have configured the OS X Apache manually to enable WebDAV, but there is also a guide here with a link to a free DAV server at the bottom:

If WEBDav or Omnisync server is the answer - the answer is not good. The first is WAY too complex and the latter is uncompliant with safety instructions I have - this particular data cannot reside on outside servers.

Omnifocus 1 crashes with the WebDavNavServer I setup when I try to sync.

The upgrade process here is not very seamless for iPad/Mac users.