Inbox Items Showing up in @Contexts Perspective

I am seeing my unprocessed Inbox times showing up in the ‘No Context’ group in my @Contexts built-in perspective. @Contexts is set to show Available tasks. Why are they considered available?

(A bunch of little questions lately, I know. Maybe there is more of a paradigm change moving the OF2 than I originally thought…)


If the “Defer Until” field is blank, then OmniFocus will treat that action as available, even if it currently resides in the inbox.


Thanks. That behavior for Inbox seems like a bug to me. Inbox is special in that it contains items that have not been processed. Applying any viewing rules to unprocessed items is broken, in my mind, since the absence of a value in a field has meaning.

Point taken…though I think it still makes most sense for these items to be seen as “available” to minimize the chance of them slipping through the cracks. The lack of a context/project indicates that they haven’t been processed yet and OmniFocus assumes that they’re available as there isn’t any defined attribute (context, defer until or project) to indicate that they’re not.

For me, it slows me down while in “doing” mode. As I am scanning my tasks in the @Contexts perspective, grouped by context, they end up in the top group in the list. I pause and end up processing it I bit just to decide if I should do it. I then either need to hop over to Inbox to capture that processing or hope I remember it when I do process Inbox later.

This creates a distraction when doing things. The Inbox should be able to have things tossed in it at any time, to be saved until I am ready to process my Inbox. Throwing these unprocessed items into my processed list, in my mind, breaks the GTD flow.


I feel the same way. Seeing ‘No Context’ makes me shudder.

Consider simply collapsing “No Context” in the Contexts perspective so that it’s contents aren’t visible when you’re getting work done. If you’re using the Pro edition, consider creating a perspective that you use when you’re getting things done that focuses on everything except the inbox.

I completely agree with @dmullins. This is a usability issue, and could be addressed by making visibility of the “No Context” context (!) optional in the app preferences.

Actually, I do need to see the other processed items that have no Context.

What I think should happen is the Inbox items (no context AND no project) should be filtered from the Other perspectives.