Inbox: not empty after assigning conexts or projects?


Maybe I misunderstood it but shouldn’t the inbox be empty after I assign context and/or projects?

It still shows me action items with due and defer dates. At least with defer dates in 3-4 weeks should be gone or otherwise the inbox is totally a mess

Thank you

Check Preferences > Organization > Clean up inbox items which have: …

There you can configure when your inbox is cleaned. You can choose between:

  • A Project
  • A Context
  • Both a Project and a Context
  • Either a Project or a Context

Thank you. But I use OM 2 for iPhone

I’m sorry, @POliver, but I’m not quite sure I understand the issue you’re having. Is it possible for you to post a screenshot of the Inbox in the state you describe?

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To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to do that in the Omnifocus 2 for iPhone. One you select a project it will be moved from your inbox into that project.

Note that only selecting a context will still leave it in the inbox.

Would be a great feature to have in the future though…