Inbox processing command-option-r behaviour

When I’m processing my inbox, I’ll often want to switch to the project for an item to which I’ve just added a project and context. To do this I can right-click and choose “Show in Projects” (or contexts) but I can’t access this from a keyboard shortcut since it doesn’t show up in the menu system, while “Show in Context” DOES show in the menu system. My workaround is to use the built-in shortcut option-command-r, which switches me to contexts and then use it again which switches to projects.

It’s no big deal to hit the keyboard shortcut twice, and perhaps this is as intended, but it seems I always want to go to the project first, rather than the context as I’m in what used to be called “planning mode” when I’m processing the inbox. Does anyone else see this differently?

Kudos, by the way, to Omnigroup. It probably seems like I’m nitpicking, but Omnifocus 2.0 has seriously hit a sweet spot for me in terms of workflow integration. Perhaps that’s why I’m noticing the little things.

Interesting observation.

With 2.0, more and more I’m relying on Quick Open for that, but I’d like to have a more efficient way too :D

I can’t say for sure, but this could be a bug. Would you mind sending an email to our support team, describing what you’d like to do and how OmniFocus is preventing you from doing it?


Don’t mind at all, teki.