Inconsistent behavior dragging email

I like to work with iPad in split screen with OmniFocus and Mail open, to triage / add emails as tasks.

However, when I drag an email, sometimes it just comes in as the text of the subject line, rather than “Email from…” with the message:// link in the notes etc.

Any idea why?

Does the message: URL work for you? I’m having an issues where OF3 only interprets a portion of the URL as the link, rendering it useless. OF3 only interprets it properly if I manually go back and enclose the URL in <>.

Yes when it works it works - or it fails completely

Is this happening when dragging the mail message into the Notes field of an existing action, or when dropping the mail message into the outline, say in the Inbox?

into the Inbox

My issue is happening when dragging to the notes field of an existing message only. Dragging to the Inbox creates a note that includes the < > on each side of the link, so that one works. Dragging to the notes field does not add the < > brackets.