Inconsistent behaviour in perspectives

I have noticed a number of inconsistent behaviours when trying to add a new task within project and context perspectives, and hope that these will be fixed in an upcoming version of OF.

When in a project perspective, adding tasks works as expected - when I hit enter a new task is added below the currently selected task and the new task inherits the project and context of the currently selected task. Makes sense.

However, in context perspectives, this behaviour is quite different:

If Grouping by Project:

If ‘Sidebar Selection’ in the perspective menu has NO contexts selected, or several contexts selected:
Pressing enter, no mater which parameters are selected for your perspective, will do nothing – no inbox popup at top, won’t add a task. Does not matter which grouping, sorting, or filtering is set.

If Sidebar Selection has ONE context selected & Filter by ‘Any Status’:
Pressing enter adds a task in an inbox that pops in from the top rather than adding a task below the selected task. The context of the new task is set to whichever context I have selected in the sidebar selection, but the new task does NOT inherit the project of the selected task

If ONE context selected in sidebar & ANY ‘Filter by status’:
Pressing enter – task will be created at the top of the group for whichever task was selected. Inherits the context, but not the project, so when you ‘clean up’, the task goes to the inbox

Grouping by Context:

No matter what parameters are selected in perspective:
When pressing enter a task will be created at the top of the context group for the task that is selected – this new task will have its context set to the group’s context, but will not inherit any other properties

Dragging and Dropping:

You can drag and drop a task between groups in the task pane within a project perspective, but you cannot do this within a context perspective, no matter which grouping type is selected.

I would expect that in any perspective selecting a task and hitting enter would add a task directly below the selected task, and that new task would inherit the project/context settings of the selected task or project, or grouping. E.g. if the task selected is of project X, context Y, and is flagged, the new task added when hitting enter should have these same properties. Currently, you can do this in project perspectives (but the new task won’t inherit the ‘flagged’ state of the selected task), but context perspectives behave very differently depending on which grouping, sorting, and filtering options are selected.

It also makes sense that you should be able to drag a task between groups in context perspectives, just as you can in project perspectives. E.g. if in a context perspective grouped by project, if you drag the task from one project to another it should move the task and change its project to the new project.


Wow actually your post answered an issue I had which was driving me mad: I have one perspective which shows me my Dashboard:Today context. When I added a task, it got tagged with the Dashboard (parent of the :Today context). Upon cleaning up, the new tasks disappeared from the perspective… It really doesn’t make any sense that you can add a task to a Perspective which won’t be shown…

I wish there was a “default behaviour”, ie: we could select which Tag would get applied to new tasks added within the perspective (also maddening when you try to add a task and you can’t…)

Anyways, just selecting my Today tag from the sidebar solved my issue, thanks!