Increase row indent

I can’t figure out how to increase/control row indentation.
Is this only a pro feature? if so can you tell me specifically how it’s handled in pro. I don’ t want to buy it and be disappointed.
Thank you so much.

Although I have Pro, I do not recall that being a Pro-only feature. You should be able to indent any row but the first with ⌘+] and outdent with ⌘+[.

You can also set the Tab key to perform this for you (with ⇧Tab outdenting) by changing the keyboard preferences as described here.

Thank you so much for responding. I’m using omni outliner 4 — neither one of the the suggestions you mentions works for this.
I can indent the row but I can’t control how much – for me the the preset indent is not enough. Any other thoughts would be great

OmniOutliner 2 for iOS does not currently feature an option to control row indentation. The Pro version of OmniOutliner 4 for Mac, however, does have an option for this. It is a setting that applies to the whole outline and cannot be adjusted for specific rows or sections of an outline. Here are a couple screenshots to demonstrate:

Please note, though, that changes to row indentation in OmniOutliner for Mac will not have any affect on the indentation seen when viewing an outline with OmniOutliner for iOS. If you’d like to see the iOS version of the app get this same ability, please send us an email so our support team can get your request filed in our development database.

Oh, you mean control the spacing of the row indent? You can do that in “Indent child rows” as described here.