Incremental Due Date Automation


I regularly divide up my projects into smaller sub-projects and assign incremental due dates to them {e.g., Read page 1-25 (due today), Read page 26-80 (due tomorrow), read page 81-104 (due +2days) etc.}
But when you’ve got a sub-project of 20+ items, assigning incremental days becomes an exercise in tedium.

Does anyone know of an AppleScript that could assign due incremental due dates to a list of projects?

So, if you run the script, it will automatically assign due date (today) to the first task, (tomorrow) to the second, (today +2) to the third, (today +3) to the fourth… ad infinitum.


Not sure if this is exactly what you need, but I have an AppleScript that does it specifically for reading a book. There’s a Siri Shortcut for it as well.


This is outstanding, thanks Joe! I can tweak this to be precisely what I’m looking to accomplish. Very much obliged!


Joe, just wondering… is it easy to tweak the script to prompt me for the starting pages? I don’t always want to begin with page 1. Sometimes I need to read a section of text that begins on pg 42 (which in this particular instance, is not the answer to everything after all. Just wondering…


also… is there a way to set the due dates equivalent to the defer dates? I like viewing these deadlines in my forecast view. thanks again.


Line 33. You could add a dialog to ask where to start.

Line 44. You can assign the due date to the deferDate variable.