Incrementing numbers within an action name

I work for a weekly magazine. When I complete a repeating action like “proofread pages for issue 23” I’d like the next iteration of that action to say “proofread pages for issue 24”. Having specific issue numbers is very helpful for me, much easier to keep track of than “proofread pages for next week’s issue”, because at any given time I have various tasks for issues that are one, two, or three weeks out. Is there a way to put a variable in the action name that will increment?

I think I remembered someone using a spreadsheet to increment a task name and then copy and pasted it into OmniFocus 1. I just tried it and it works in OF2.

I have the A Column set to "proof reed pages for issue "
Then I used Numbers to fill a series starting from 1 and adding upwards.

Then I highlighted columns A and B, copied and pasted into OmniFocus 2. Of course, it shows a tab character between the text label and the number but that’s probably minor and easy to fix.

You can definitely do the same with Microsoft Excel.