Individual schedules for resources

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to use omniplan for a while to give higher level organization to projects I’m in charge off but I’m still stuck at one point and would like to request some input of those whom know better.
I have a team of 14 in a Lab and I spread projects between them and my self at times, my issue is that they don’t work Monday through Friday, it’s saturday to Sunday with alternating weekends off and out of those five days they work they migth only work in the department 2-3 days a week, I always have three working everyday with one in each shift. as I try to assign their schedule in omniplan I find it hard to set each one of their schedules as it takes time and can only seem to do that in the extra hours. I was told before that I could subscribe to their schedules but as I haven’t upgraded to the pro and my trial is long pass I only have the regular omniplan 3.

Has anyone had this issue before? Is upgrading a better option to handle this?

Thank you in Advance.

@elchatoloco Currently, the only way to simplify this type of resource work schedule customization is with a calendar subscription in OmniPlan Pro. If you’d like to try this out, our Sales team should be able to help you out with a new trial for OmniPlan Pro - they can be reached at if you would like to inquire about a new trial!

Thank you ains , ill reach out to them, quick question as i will go try it, in IOS or MAC i am able to set multiple calendars one for each employee, omniplan would be able to subscribe to all these just by pulling the data from the icloud?

@elchatoloco OmniPlan for Mac can pull this information from specific calendars configured in, so this should work for you as long as your iCloud calendars are setup on your Mac.

Hi i was able to start using the trial and started setting this up, i was able to connect a calendar to specific resource, but was not sure what omniplan is looking for to pull the available hours, i was looking at the post bellow, and it has an article which i also followed. but was not able to see one resources available hours.

what would omniplan look for in the calendar in order to make those hours available? Thank you.

@elchatoloco OmniPlan’s manual includes more up to date information about this feature!

If you’re still having trouble, our Support team would happy to walk you through setting this up - they can be reached by email at or by phone Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm Pacific at 1 (800) 315-6664 or 1 (206) 523-4152.