Inherit the project name in a Perspective

Is there a way to create a Perspective based on a specific Project, then the tasks created in that perspective to inherit the project name?

This would be a cool shortcut. Go to the projects perspective, select a project or series of projects and right click to create a new perspective.

It would be interesting to go to the Tags perspective and arrange the view settings. Then right click to save the current view as a new perspective.

Email a feature request to OmniFocus@omnigroup.con to enter a vote into the Omni feature request database.

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Thank you! I understand it’s only in the MacOS app I can use “cool shortcuts”? Will it propagate to iOS as well, through OmniServer sync?

I’d imagine that there would be something were we can long-press on our iPhone or iPad to bring up a contextual menu to do the same.

Or tap on the “Edit” button, select a bunch of projects or tags and then there would be an option to “save this view as a perspective.”

We can just dream and send in our emails for now.

I cannot do it in iOS, apparently the feature is available in MacOS only. I would not spend another 80$ for this functionality though.

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