Input dates are incorrect

I recently downloaded a free trial for Omnifocus 2. When I create a new action, it says that it was created in January of 2011, the day is correct, but the year and the month are way off. Also, when I go to set a due date it takes the month I entered and makes that the day in January of 2011. For Example, if I create a project on 6/22/15, the inspector says it was created on 1/22/11, and if I set the due date to 7/1/15, then it sets the due date to 1/7/11! My computer’s time and date are both correct.

Sorry for the trouble! Can I ask what your computer’s date format is set to? You can find this in the System Preferences app – open the Language & Region pane, then choose Advanced and switch to “Dates.” If you take a screenshot of that panel and post it here, we may be able to help get to the bottom of this!

It looks like you set a fixed month (1) and year (11) in the “Short” date setting. Hence the reaction you describe above.

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I changed that and it worked! Thanks!

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Thanks for helping me!

My pleasure! I know I’ve made that mistake myself in the past, so I’m happy to help fix it whenever I can.