Inquire about the lack of PDF export feature in OmniOutliner

Hello, I would like to inquire about the absence of a PDF export feature in OmniOutliner. As a user, I find it inconvenient not to have the option to directly export my outlines as PDF files while preserving the structure and formatting. I am aware that I can obtain PDF files through the printing method, but it does not retain the outline structure and formatting. Could you please provide information on why the PDF export feature is not available in OmniOutliner or if there are any alternative methods to export OmniOutliner documents as PDF files while preserving the outline structure and formatting? Thank you.

Out of curiosity, what structure and formatting are you losing when you print to PDF?

I just used the standard method to create a pdf from an outline and the resulting document maintains the outline structure —including which sections were expanded or collapsed— as well as indenting, colours, fonts, etc….

I’m guessing that Mike_cc may not realize that you produce a PDF from the outline using the Print dialog, not the Export command.

Not sure what’s going wrong for you.

When I use File/Print/PDF from OmniOutliner I get a perfectly formatted printout of my outline every time. It matches what’s on screen exactly.

This should work for you, too.

I apologize for my mistake. It was my oversight and I’m truly embarrassed. Thank you for your replies.

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No apology necessary. Hope you’ve got it working now.