Inspector no longer floating/independent in OO5?

I’m a user of OO3, considering upgrading to OO5, and it seems that the inspector is now an extension of the outliner window (that extends to the right when activated), as opposed to a floating independent window. Is this true, or is there any way of making it float? The problem is that I use outlines that have a short width, and when I activate the inspector, it expands the width (for the inspector), but when I deactivate the inspector, the window does not go back to the original width (there seems to be a minimal width, which is greater than what I use).

The Inspector in OmniOutliner 5 for Mac can’t be detached but we do have an open feature request for a floating Inspector preference in the app. If you could drop us an email at, we’ll be glad to add your +1 to that request!

OK, thanks (and thanks for the fast response). By the way, is there a place where one can see all the current open feature requests? Secondly, if I wanted to recommend a feature request, is it possible to do this (I realize it may or may not be accepted)? Thanks.

Sure thing! We don’t have a public tracker for feature requests, but as for any new requests that you’d like to make - emailing our Support Humans is the best way to recommend a new feature. The easiest way to do that is from within the app by selecting Help > Contact Omni in the app’s menu bar.