Inspector - Project status - individual buttons instead of drop down


I find a bit annoying having to click the dropdown to change the project (or task) status - I’d like to suggest to replace the dropdown with 4 small icons (such as flagging next to it) so user could directly choose status with one click instead of two. I believe the 4 icons would not take more space then dropdown picklist.

What do you think?

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The same for Type of the project – use the icnos not the dropdowns - so much extra clicking

For feature requests/suggestions, you’d better use your OmniFocus Menu: Help > Contact Omni ;)


Extra click? Are you on a desktop or a tablet?

Click & drag down - is 1 click. Same as a “badge.”
All you need to do is have the inspector open.

While in some cases, you might be right, the calendar, possibly - STATUS & TYPE is no more than 1 click each.