Inspector's Add Notifications missing Due option, sometimes


(Long time OF user, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in the forums.)

I think I’ve identified a bug, and I’m hoping someone can confirm before I file.

I can’t add a Due-date notification for some set of entries. I think I’ve figured out the pattern, and I’m not sure if this is expected behavior.

Some of my items look like this:


And some of them look like this:


All items have Due dates.

I can reproduce it this way:

  1. In Preferences > Notifications, Enable Notify on this Mac, and enable Deferred and Due.
  2. Create a new Project.
  3. Give it a Due date in the future (say, + 1 month).
  4. Create a new Action in that project.
  5. Give it a Due date that matches the one for the Project.

=> Note at this point both the Project and the Action have an automatic Due notification entry. Cool.

  1. Change the Action’s due date to some time ahead of its original date (even 1 minute).

=> The Due notification disappears, and you can’t re-add it.

Is there logic I’m missing that explains why an Action can’t have Due notification that’s after its Project’s Due notification, or is this just a bug?

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