Installed OmniFocus version


is there a reliable way to figure out which OF version is installed on a system? OF 2 vs OF 3?

Mac: On the menu bar - Omnifocus/About Omnifocus. Or, in the Finder, open the Applications folder, click Omnifocus (single click and hit the space bar to get the Quick Look sheet

IOS - go Settings and scroll down to find the app in the list - tap to get an info panel.

Thanks, I should have been more specific. I need to know this using the OF Automation capabilities (JXA)

Specifically I need this for a script that should run in OF 2 and 3 that retrieves the tags/contexts for a task. At the moment I call both Methods (task.context() vs task.tags()) in the task object wrapped in a try/catch.

Just wondering if there is an explicit way to know which OF Version the script is executed in.


Perhaps you can try this:

(() => {
    'use strict';

    const of = Application('OmniFocus');

    return of.version()
    // --> 3.0 private test

Yeah, that’s it!! Thanks @unlocked2412. The Script Editor Library is not my best friend.

Thanks again

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